I think a dish that is well known & loved by a lot of people. Guacamole is something that I bought many time from the store before I must admit. Until I took the interest in making it myself. There is no need to emphasize that from then on wards, […]

Asparagus, Corn & Pea Risotto

I have to be honest, I was always intimidated with cooking Risotto. I used to search for recipes & always want to give it a try. When I gave it a try, I was so satisfied with the results & was so proud. It is such a smooth, creamy & […]

Zesty Baked Vegetables

Side dishes are very important. It’s not something that you just ignore because they’re also a fundamental part of a meal. They can be very easy & simple. But sometimes with just a little bit of an extra touch of seasoning or a different variation of ingredients, it can turn […]

Sweet Red Peppers Stuffed with Feta & Olives

It’s is very common in my country, Malta, to stuff peppers with some kind of mixture, normally consisting of tomato sauce & meat. But this time I wanted to go for a different kind of stuffing & also pepper. I wanted to have something lighter & consisting of only veggies. […]

Asparagus & White Wine Pasta Sauce

When I was younger I absolutely hated the idea of having to eat asparagus. But as many things in life, things change! Now I absolutely LOVE asparagus. The taste & texture that it adds to meals is mouthwatering. This recipe came about after having a really busy & tiring day. […]