Tuna & Spinach Pie

Pie is one of my favorite things to eat. To be honest not so much to cook, or was. Now I developed a system of dedicating time to cook multiple pies at once & then freeze them for later on. Then just pop them in the oven when I need […]

Seafood Pasta

In our household we have certain pasta dishes that have been enjoyed throughout the years, starting from our childhood up until now. This Seafood Pasta is one of them. I used to light up as I opened the front door to my parents house & smell the delicious aroma of […]

Garlic Prawn Pizza

This Garlic Prawn Pizza is a favorite of ours. If you’re a seafood lover like us, then we really suggest you give this pizza a try as it’s amazing. It’s a few ingredients but it results in a delicious pizza indeed. Give it a try & let us know what […]

One-Pan Prawn & Veggie Rice

I love these kind of dishes, they make life so much easier & also tastier! This One-Pan Prawn & Veggie Rice is so colorful, you can say that the first thing to feast are the eyes. Also the smell is amazing. Everything turned out so delicious & the prawns cooked […]

Baked Salmon Fillet with Zesty Veggies

I love to cook something delicious just in a one-pan way, who doesn’t?! It’s simple, easy & so flavorful. This time I wanted to try this out Baked Salmon, seeing that it’s my favorite fish to eat. I didn’t want to add any heaviness by including potatoes or rice, which […]

Seafood Pizza

One of my favorite pizzas. I’ve tried various pizza toppings but to be honest, even though this is one of my favorites, I’ve never tried to make it at home. But now I am very happy I did! Actually now it’s a go-to pizza in our home. If you’re a […]