Creamy Chicken & Asparagus Pasta

A pasta recipe can be easy & tasty at the same time. Lately I’ve been loving adding asparagus to my recipes. It gives them that bite & extra taste to the recipes. I think it’s my favorite veggie of the moment! I wanted to create something creamy with asparagus, & […]

Lasagna Bolognese

Well a classic Lasagna is well know with everyone! It’s simply mouthwatering & a juicy dish. For me personally, I love pasta dishes but Lasagna has to be my absolute favorite. With a very rich meat & tomato sauce, together with layers of creaminess. It’s just the perfect combination for […]

Seafood Pasta

In our household we have certain pasta dishes that have been enjoyed throughout the years, starting from our childhood up until now. This Seafood Pasta is one of them. I used to light up as I opened the front door to my parents house & smell the delicious aroma of […]

Asparagus & White Wine Pasta Sauce

When I was younger I absolutely hated the idea of having to eat asparagus. But as many things in life, things change! Now I absolutely LOVE asparagus. The taste & texture that it adds to meals is mouthwatering. This recipe came about after having a really busy & tiring day. […]

Baked Pasta Shells in Tomato Sauce & Ricotta

Such a heartwarming baked pasta dish! With a few simple ingredients but yet such a mouthwatering dish. This dish is a true example that with just a few ingredients, a great meal can be created that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s a recipe that reminds me of home. This […]