I think a dish that is well known & loved by a lot of people. Guacamole is something that I bought many time from the store before I must admit. Until I took the interest in making it myself. There is no need to emphasize that from then on wards, […]

Pad Thai Chicken Wings

I’m going to be honest & say that this is the very first time I have used this type of sauce. I always hear about different sauces & ingredients, as of course a foodie does. So when I’m going through the supermarket or other shops & come across stuff that […]

Sweet Red Peppers Stuffed with Feta & Olives

It’s is very common in my country, Malta, to stuff peppers with some kind of mixture, normally consisting of tomato sauce & meat. But this time I wanted to go for a different kind of stuffing & also pepper. I wanted to have something lighter & consisting of only veggies. […]